The First 1,000(ish) miles

Wednesday Aug. 21 08:30 Mile 927 We are just setting off for Day 3 and wow, what a trip so far! On Monday we left Massachusetts behind for good…or at least the next 11 weeks. We took the long way up to the Bay of Fundy so that we could drive up the coast of […]

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Endless Possibilities

Hello! It is August 14 and the adventure begins in T-4 days. That being said, we are in the final stages of packing both the house and the car. The latest addition to our gear collection is a set of crash pads the we will use to do some outdoor bouldering while we are on […]

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Greetings and salutations! This is our first Transamerica blog post! The aim of this blog is to post about anything and everything we see while we are off on our adventures. What adventures, you may ask? We like to stay open minded about what shenanigans we may encounter, but to give you a general idea… […]

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